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How would you describe the process?

I love people! I love the things that make us unique! And I love telling stories! But, not just any story; it's YOUR story. Offering this kind of session allows me to capture aspects of a persons inner workings. I spend quite a bit of time with each client getting to know some of the things that make them unique and then incorporate those things in to the session's theme. That's why I call it a "collaborative" portrait experience. Each session is crafted for you, by you.  Take the Marie Antionette images on the site; their inspiration is clear. It's possible you've seen this theme done before! What you might not see, is that the cake in the background was made by a friend, the china used was her grandmother's and dress she is wearing is actually an heirloom veil.  Those are the details that make it a unique and special keepsake. 

Is this style versatile to other genre of session? 

My ability to create can stretch as wide as your imagination. It can be applied to any type of session you need! The object is still the same! Have fun, be creative and tell a story about YOU! It doesn't matter how we use it or how many people are in the images.  Children, bridal, family - I do free consultations for anyone!

What if I just can't afford a full session? 

I like to keep things simple and yet very versatile. All sessions, regardless of type, start with a base price and are built on from there depending on your needs. I really recommend a consultation for anyone unsure. I am always willing to work with someone that really wants to have this experience. It's more than just having your picture taken, it's an investment, but I want to be able to offer it to anyone. 

A Marathon session is also an option. They are A LOT of fun! My team and I set up a little world (like Marie Antoinette or Alice) for people to come experience. It is an all day event with 6-10 mini session slots available for booking. They are first come, first serve, but are great because the cost of the more elaborate shoot is spread over the event participants. You do loose the experience of personalizing your session, but you still get beautiful images! And who doesn't want to be Alice for the day? It is ideal for bridal parties, prom groups, individual portraits, children and seniors!  


The blog section of this site acts as my portfolio. Email me with any other questions! syoungphoto@gmail.com




Technology Specialist

Joe and I are a husband and wife team! Yeah, this photography thing is a family affair in our house! I honestly wouldn't be able to do HALF the things I do without him. He runs all things technical! From the coding on the website to the math ratio's that create the lighting in every shot! He is in it all! 


Photographer/Graphic Artist

It wasn't until the last year that I would even call myself a photographer! My background was is in graphic design and I just didn't photograph like others around me! And, even though I've been doing it for nearly a decade, it wasn't until I combined photography and graphic art that it really became my passion. Now I'm able to capture that which is impossible to photograph with camera alone.  

The Team

Everyone Else!

It takes a lot of people to make some of the more elaborate sessions happen! I am blessed to have MANY talented and skilled friends! So many of them use their gifts to help me! It is an ever changing and growing group that is as unique as the session they help on. (They are listed in the credits of each blog post.)

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